Overcoming Deep Trauma & How To Find Your Worth When You Are Told You Are Worthless | Peter Mutabazi Part 1


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What you are about to hear is more than a story of an abused kid in Africa who ran away from home and then lived on the streets and slept in the sewer in a nearby city. A kid who literally never had anything provided for him, only taken, until he got one big break at age 15 when he had never had shoes. He only ate every few days. He’d never slept in a bed or ridden in a car. But with one man’s help he went to school, attended universities and immigrated to America where today he fosters and adopts children. What I want you to hear however is this is a story relevant to us all because this boy endured such tremendous hardship and difficulty that his escape provides a uniquely stark depiction of the emotional overcoming we all must do if we want to be at peace with the world around us. My guest, Peter Mutabazi was that kid. Today at 48 he’s an entrepreneur, an international advocate for children, and the founder of Now I Am Known, a corporation that supplies resources that encourage and affirm children. Peter is a single father of an adopted white son and foster dad to many. Peter has worked for World Vision and the International Committee of the Red Cross, and has appeared on BBC and the TODAY show. He currently lives in Charlotte, North Carolina where he fosters children and flips homes and has over 200k followers on Instagram at fosterdadflipper. Peter tells his story and lessons in his new book, “Now I am Known” and while I shamelessly promote every guests book, this one is dear to me. He walks through a life of difficulty that will shock you, but ends each chapter with the lessons learned and grace he’s found that will equip and convict you to alter your circumstances or perspective and likely both. Right now Peter is striving to be a full-time, single dad to many kids. If you have an organization, he’s a powerful speaker. Visit Nowiamknownfoundation.org and consider booking him to speak, and helping in his efforts. Right now his growing family needs a new van, a babysitter, and they raise money to provide support for new foster families and kids aging out of foster care. Nowiamknownfoundation.org. The Self-Help(ful) podcast is brought to you by Ziglar, your premier source for equipping coaches to help leaders and top performers excel professionally and personally. Visit Ziglar.com and let them inspire your true coaching performance.

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