Episode 396 - How to Walk Away from the Past


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Many people are living the same life over and over again. But deep down inside they're desperately striving to break free from the institution of obligation.
The hardest part about change is that the people, places and things around you remain the same.
The hardest part about changed is that many people are chained.
They are chained to a prision called race. They are chained to a prision called family. They are chained to a prision called friends. They are chained to a prision called expectation.
Often it is our well-meaning environment that unconsciously or consciously discourage us from becoming a better version of ourselves.
Society is ofen obssessed with the negative past, therefore true happiness hardly last.
From my personal experience, true change happens when you're willing to be scrutinized by the people that are still living the life you've walked away from.
Lasting change happens when you continue to expand your self-image on a consistant basis.
Lasting change happens when you've decided to MASTER YOURSELF.
This is a guide to freedom.

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