Episode 25: Hamilton, WHO?!


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“Your story will be told by those who survive you, you have no control over that. You can only control what you do and what you put into this world. Hamilton put a lot into this world in his short time, and he was outlived by his enemies for a really long time. But he was also outlived by his wife who was, to me, the hero of the show.”

  • Lin-Manuel Goddamn Miranda

Join us this week, as we talk for too long about something we watched again. But mostly, we talked for about our regular time about Hamilton, and the show, and his life… and then we got off on a bit of a tangent about Eliza, because lady is a boss.

And yes, we know we should be going to the show ourselves. And of course we would be supporting the actors if we were able to support ourselves and a biweekly podcast without making way too many jokes about being trash and being off schedule.. well, you know. And oh man if anyone wants to buy us tickets.. well, you know.

So if you’re amazing and have the opportunity, go see this show. Seriously. It would be worth it. If you’re trash like us, scavenge the deep underbelly of the internet for a copy to watch and hate yourself just a little for it. If you can’t handle that, tune in to listen to us talk about it for a while, and then go to YouTube and watch the three King’s songs, that’s really all you need at that point.


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