SELFish Podcast - Episode 15 - "Sometimes Changing Your Life is as Simple as Cleaning Your House" with Brendan Bradley


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On this, the 15th episode of SELFish, I speak with Brendan Bradley. Brendan is a passionate creative on a lifelong quest to tell good stories through music, marketing, and communication. He was also my babysitter when I was little. In this episode we chat about what it means to be a creative person in a world that doesn't always know what to do with creative people. We delve into creativity, the heirarchy of organizations, woodworking, music, skating by in life, reading the instructions while putting together IKEA furniture, changing seating during the pandemic, washing your clothes more often, the joy of coming home, wood-grain, singing telegrams, and so much more. Enjoy this wonderful conversation like a fly-on-the-wall. :)

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