Mark Shami: The M Jewelers


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Mark Shami is the founder and CEO of The M Jewelers, co-founder of SHAMI OFFICIAL and LAVAL, and an all-around hustler. Mark grew up in a family of jewelers learning how to cast and make jewelry as a kid in his grandpa’s studio. He spent his 20s touring the country with his band. He stepped away from the stage in 2014 to start his own company with a focus on customizable jewelry. He got his start on Instagram, finding influencers to send free pieces to in exchange for a post. He put every cent of profit back into social and retargeting with an uncompromising belief that it would help build his business. 5 years later and he’s been featured on Forbes 30 under 30, he's built his Instagram following to 1 million, broke 1MM in revenue and has gained profitability. Brian and Mark discuss the importance of hard work and belief in your product as well as retargeting strategies. Mark’s story is inspiring for entrepreneurs at any stage of their business. You can check out The M Jewelers on Instagram @themjewelers or online at

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