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Reza Moreno is the founder and Editor in Chief of Sustain, an online publication that looks at everything from fashion to culture through the lens of sustainability. Reza also does marketing for The Slow Factory, part e-commerce store, part R&D lab. They are changing the way product based businesses think about their production habits by limiting waste and optimizing for sustainability. Reza is incredibly tuned in to how our choices affect the world around us. She provides tangible tips on how we can better ecommerce practices both as consumers and entrepreneurs. You can learn more on Instagram @sustainthemag and @theslowfactory or online at or To better your practices check out some of the awesome resources mentioned in this episode below. Repack provides an alternative to wasteful shipping methods through reusable packaging to D2C businesses. ( Terracylce is eliminating the idea of waste by partnering with businesses to collect and recycle all hard-to-recycle materials. ( Fabscrap takes leftover textiles and recycles them for clothing manufacturers. ( Opus Mind uses upcycled high-quality leather to make bags made to last. ( Leaf Shave is the no-waste stainless steel razor that’s changing the way people shave. ( ARIELLE creates sustainably sourced and made garments in NYC. ( Knickey provides a sustainable and organic underwear solution. (

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