The Sharpest Sales Tips for Success with Dan Casetta


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In his 30+ year career with the Cutco/Vector Marketing international sales organization, Dan Casetta has been a one-in-a-million achiever and a transformational leader. He teaches skills like selling, influence, leadership, financial well-being, and personal development to 1000's of the company’s top talent.



00:55 Welcome to Sell or Die!01:23 Let’s talk about cut-prevention03:14 Guest Intro: CUTting to the chase… Meet “Dan Casetta”04:53 Looking back to Dan’s job jitters and history09:04 Dan’s first sale!12:55 Dan’s selling tips podcast 13:35 Developing successful salespeople and leaders the Cutco way15:04 Cutco as a success incubator!17:18 How Cutco molds their people to become top-notch salespeople22:53 Converting Poker skills into selling prowess25:40 Join Us! In the Boundless 2020 Event. Register for Free!28:46 Recognizing the buying signals30:58 What’s a good sales representative and their sales pitch?38:11 Focus on the things that should happen right at the moment43:10 What makes a successful organization?49:19 Cutco Knives - the secret weapon of success for young people.



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