169: How to Build a Private Practice While Dealing With Grief, Mourning, And Loss


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Grief, mourning, and loss---they aren’t topics we usually enjoy discussing, but whether we like it or not, they are processes that we all have to go through at some point in life. For a therapist, how do you build your private practice while dealing with these intense feelings, and what would prompt you to find your niche within this realm? Today’s guest answers these questions and more as we delve into this topic to begin a new season of STC.

Nikki Sewell, LCSW, has tackled building a private practice through the loss of a loved one. She and her husband, Andrew, built a private practice together with his psychiatry work and her social work. Shortly after establishing the practice, he had complications following an extensive surgery and passed away unexpectedly. Nikki was only 30 years old when she became a widow and had to endure grief, loss, and the practical steps involved in moving forward. In today’s conversation, Nikki shares candidly about what inspired them to form a joint practice, how she felt the strength and resolve to keep going, and how her vision for the practice has changed. She also shares how her personal experiences with grief and loss have factored into the niche she has chosen for her practice.

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