178: An Open and Honest Look at The Life Events of The Past Year and The Lessons Learned


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Welcome to the first episode of 2019! This show is a little different, as I’m being interviewed by Patricia Young, whom you may remember as a previous STC guest. She’s been here before, discussing highly sensitive people and how she built her niche as an LCSW.

Today’s show is an open and honest look at the life events of the past year and the lessons learned by yours truly. You may remember that we welcomed our first child into our family in 2018, and with her early arrival, there have been big changes in my life. Life doesn’t stop as we are busy building a business and a career, so how do we balance it all and keep things going simultaneously? I hope our authentic conversation is a source of encouragement for the changes and challenges that you may face in the coming year.

You can read the full show notes at: Session178

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