182: 5 Subtle Ways I Stay Productive Daily: Melvin Varghese, PhD


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What techniques have you found that help you stay on task each day? Maybe you have some tried and true habits, or maybe you recognize the need to put in place a little more structure. Either way, there is inspiration waiting for you in today’s show!

Solo episodes are always fun for me because I love getting to share with you what I’m learning. Today’s topic is about the habits I’ve incorporated to maximize my productivity on a week-to-week basis. For many of us, our self-worth is measured by how much we get done, and it’s taken work for me to get past that judgmental place. I’ve found some things that work well for me; some are based on experience, learning, and tweaking, and some are based on research. I hope my tips will inspire you to evaluate your productivity and see what might work better for you.

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