202: Why People Struggle With Insomnia And How Quality Sleep Impacts Us As Private Practitioners


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How is your sleep? Sleep is a vitally important part of our lives that is often overlooked. We don’t usually think about the ways we cheat ourselves out of good sleep and how the quality of our sleep impacts every part of our day. Today’s show focuses on sleep as it relates to private practitioners and small business owners. Let’s explore how we can improve the quality of our sleep!

Dr. Yishan Xu is a licensed psychologist in private practice in Los Altos, CA. She’s an expert on sleep and runs therapy groups on insomnia. Her podcast, Deep into Sleep, is launching soon, so she’s a great person to help us cover this topic. We’re discussing why sleep is so important and what an ideal night of sleep should look like. Yishan explains why people struggle with insomnia, how quality sleep impacts us as private practitioners, and the biggest mistakes small business owners make regarding sleep. She wraps up our conversation by giving us her best tips for great sleep from her work, training, and experience.

You can read the full show notes at: Session202

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