204: How To Optimize Your Business In Light Of Your Tax Situation


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Welcome to a new season of STC! During the time off, I focused on rest, self-care, and family. I also spent time working on the STC Directory, trying to bring improvements that will benefit all of us. Today’s conversation is a relevant topic for every business owner. We’re discussing how to optimize your business in light of your tax situation.

Opher Ganel is a previous guest on the show, as he was here last time to talk about setting fees. His wife is a therapist in private practice, so he has helped set up her practice and has vast experience in setting up small businesses. Opher has a wealth of knowledge, even though he is not an accountant. The information in today’s show is presented for educational purposes only. We are discussing why it is important to optimize our tax setup and whether you should be classified as a sole proprietor, an LLC, or an S-corp. I hope the show brings you helpful guidance and clarity.

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