210: How To Balance Out The Fear Of Public Speaking And Giving A Presentation


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Today’s topic is one that brings fear into the hearts of many: giving a presentation. Although many clinicians aspire to speak in front of peers on the topics with which we have the most passion, there is still the immense fear of those public speaking moments. How do we balance out that fear to impart the knowledge we want to give? We’re covering all aspects of this topic on today’s show.

Marie Vakakis, LCSW, is a clinician in Australia. She’s here to share some of the things she has learned in her presentations specifically to teens and youth about a range of topics, including mental health first aid and non-suicidal self-injury. Our focus today is on mindset as we balance our desire to give presentations with the fears that we have about that undertaking.

You can read the full show notes at: Session210

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