211: Building Private Practice Around Religious Abuse And Marketing It


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Today’s topic is a new one for the podcast. We’ve never tackled the subject of religious abuse before, even though it pops up in news stories frequently. Building a private practice around working with this population may not be anything you’ve ever imagined, but you’ll hear from someone who is doing it successfully.

Connie Baker is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Washington. She’s found her niche in religious abuse recovery. Like many clinicians, Connie came to this field of work because of her personal experience of sexual abuse at the hand of religious clergy. Connie determined that the abuse wouldn’t stop her or prevent her from healing, and now she works with others who have endured the same abuse. In today’s conversation, we’ll learn how Connie came to this niche and how she markets it. We’ll learn about the amazing things she’s doing to expand into webinars, online courses, and writing books. Connie shares how she has branched out and built her successful practice. This episode is chock full of information about the benefits of focus niching.

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