Episode 73: Aaron Chapman Mortgage Loan Officer Extraordinaire


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My guest today is LEGENDARY. He is crushing it right now in the mortgage industry. He closed over 700 deals last year! Aaron Chapman is one of the best mortgage loan officers, but don’t expect today’s podcast to be a stuffy banking episode. Aaron isn’t your ordinary mortgage broker - his beard is almost two feet long! But it’s not just his appearance that’s different, it’s his whole approach to real estate investing.

Aaron’s created a niche for himself that really sets him above the rest of the mortgage industry. From a real estate investing standpoint it’s really refreshing to see a mortgage broker who really understands us. He understands the mindset of a real estate investor and communicates this understanding to universities, banking firms, even his own clients. He’s creating a whole new community of understanding that’s bound to change the real estate landscape for years to come, and he’s sharing a bit of that experience with us today.

Aaron is working with investors looking to build their own real estate investment firms. He’s serious about his business and willing and able to work with investors who are just as serious about theirs. Tune in now and see why you should be working with Aaron ASAP!


3:10 - Meet the legend: Aaron Chapman

4:45 - Aaron likes to keep our expectations low

6:12 - Aaron got his start as a telemarketer in 1999

8:50 - The aught real estate crash actually inspired Aaron

10:15 - What’s Aaron’s focus in real estate?

12:40 - Aaron starts breaking it down for real estate investors

13:16 - This break down includes a little simple math

16:43 - How can real estate investors pace inflation?

18:15 - Aaron’s got a new definition for Pro Forma

21:00 - The big opportunities that can come with a fixed-rate loan

22:34 - Aaron wants you to think about taxes for a minute

25:50 - Aaron uses his experience to help real estate investors avoid failure

27:30 - What makes Aaron so different from the other guys in suits?

28:51 - What’s the biggest challenge Aaron faced in real estate?

32:15 - Stop talking yourself out of a good idea

33:32 - The biggest lesson Aaron learned

35:35 - Aaron’s favorite motivational quote

36:53 - Aaron recommends his favorite books

38:24 - How is Aaron using mobile apps?

39:37 - Aaron actually gets 8 hours of sleep at night

40:00 - Aaron’s morning routine starts with prayer

46:04 - What is Aaron most grateful for?

46:34 - What gets Aaron out of bed every morning?

49:25 - Get in touch with Aaron at www.aaronbchapman.com


Real estate investors have been given the freedom to choose where to put their money, instead of those who choose to sit at home, watch TV, and spend it on personal crap who end up having to pay taxes. - Aaron

Experience to me is the most thorough instructor, but the most expensive and the highest risk...The problem is that failure has to happen. I don’t want that. Aaron


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The Master Key System by Charles Haanel

Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill

Wisdom of Success by Napoleon Hill

Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself by Joe Dispenza

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