Episode 76: David Lecko and DealMachine


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Hello and welcome back to all my favorite investors and entrepreneurs. Today’s guest is a special one. David Lecko, founder of the DealMachine app and community, is a man focused on personal development. If he wasn’t, he never would have designed this amazing real estate tool in the first place.

DealMachine is an amazing mobile app designed specifically for real estate investors. David started out with rental properties and driving for dollars, but he quickly realized he needed a tool that could streamline all of his responsibilities. Thus, DealMachine was born! At first the app was just for him, but when friends and colleagues started asking for it, he decided to put it up on the App Store and share it with the world.

As real estate investors, we all want to and need to work in real time. DealMachine can help you do that on the business side of things, but David is also sharing strategies for managing the personal side of things too. From marketing to customer service, all the way to how to do business with your partners and mentors, David shares nuggets of knowledge that will help investors new and seasoned alike to get a better grip on their business.

David manages to find that balance between life and work while still working with a speed fit for this fast food generation. It’s hard to be an entrepreneur, and Shiny Object Syndrome is REAL. It can be a real struggle to stick with the boring, day-to-do processes and systems of running your business, but if you don’t get excited about boring systems and processes, then you’re really going to have a hard time behind a business owner. You have to change your mindset if you want to build your business into the successful behemoth you know it can be, and David shares a few key tips that can help get you there.


4:24 - Meet David Lecko!

5:55 - David’s breaking point inspired him to build DealMachine

9:23 - What does the DealMachine app really do?

13:33 - Who are the team behind DealMachine?

16:29 - What’s happening in Indianapolis?

17:41 - David dives into the marketing elements of DealMachine

19:53 - David’s biggest piece of advice for newbies

21:43 - Elyse helps David out with his favorite motivational quotes

23:57 - Who is David’s favorite author?

26:16 - Strategies for breaking out of that Shiny Object Syndrome

28:52 - Why is it so hard to give up control of our businesses?

31:41 - What is the $10,000/hr activity?

34:55 - Why David brought in a third party to help him and his business partners

36:20 - David’s favorite mobile apps

38:57 - What does David’s morning routine look like?

40:30 - What is David most grateful for?

42:06 - At what point does David think we should get mentors?

43:30 - David’s favorite part about DealMachine

45:00 - How to get in touch with David and create an account with DealMachine

48:00 - David is here to encourage any and all investors to improve their lives



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