How Pride Compassion and Gratitude Drive Success & Using the Internet For Better Health


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Why do people kiss under the mistletoe? When did that all start? This episode begins with a brief history of the mistletoe-kissing tradition.

You have never heard a discussion about pride, gratitude and compassion like this one. Psychology professor David Desteno of Northeastern University joins me to explain how these three emotions can fuel your personal and business success as well as create better relationships. We seldom talk about emotions as tools for success but you will find this discussion fascinating and useful for your own life. David is author of the book Emotional Success: The Power of Gratitude, Compassion, and Pride ( And he has a TED Talk about pride you can watch here:

There are always a few people on you Christmas holiday gift list who are hard to shop for. Listen as I explain a few very easy yet thoughtful gift ideas that are sure to be appreciated.

We’ve likely all gone to the internet to look up health information or try and diagnose some symptom we’re experiencing. After all there is a lot of great health information online that could be useful. However, how you use that information you find is really crucial according to cardiologist Dr. Kapil Parakh author of the book Searching for Health: The Smart Way to Find Information Online ( Listen as he offers some great strategies to help you better navigate the internet for the right information and then how to use it to improve your health and give you peace of mind.


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