How to Be an Adult & Why Traffic Jams Happen and How to Fix Them


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Remember a few years ago when people were saying, “Sitting is the new smoking”? Seriously, what could possibly be so bad about sitting? This episode begins by explaining the problem and what you can do to counter the effects of too much sitting.

Something has shifted over the last few generations. It used to be that kids looked forward to growing up, becoming an adult and leaving home. Yet, many young people today dread the thought. Why? Apparently, “adulting” just doesn’t look all the appealing plus many young people are unprepared to handle adulthood. That's according to Julie Lythcott-Haims, a writer, former college dean, former attorney and author of the book Your Turn: How to Be an Adult. ( Listen as she joins me to explain why this has changed and what we can do to help young people become better adults.

I sometimes think road traffic has a mind of its own. Why does traffic slow down here but speed up there? Why is this lane moving but the one I am in standing still? What makes traffic work when it works and what screws it up when it doesn't? Listen and find out as I speak with Jonas Eliasson an internationally known expert on traffic patterns who is also Director of Transport Accessibility for the Swedish Transport Administration and has an interesting TED Talk on how to solve traffic jams that you can find here:

Why do people seem to universally love music? Well for one thing it seems to be good for you. Listen as I explain the benefits of listening to music according to a lot of research on the topic.


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