How Urges and Instincts Can Sabotage Your Success & What The Universe is Made Of


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Most of us have heard the poinsettia plants are poisonous to people and pets. How poisonous? Will eating leaves from a poinsettia kill you? Will it make you sick? Do you even need to be worried? This episode begins with some interesting facts about just how dangerous poinsettias are.

Human instincts are what have helped us to survive. Yet, some of those instincts are not so practical in today’s modern world according to evolutionary biologist Dr. Rebecca Heiss, author of the book Instinct: Rewire Your Brain with Science-Backed Solutions to Increase Productivity and Achieve Success ( Rebecca joins me to talk about how these instincts such as the instinct for self-deception and variety and the fear of others can really sabotage your success. Then, she offers strategies to override those instincts when you need to.

What’s in a black hole? What’s a multiverse? When will the sun burn out? These are just a few of the fascinating questions I discuss with Daniel Whiteson, professor of physics at UC Irvine and author of the book Frequently Asked Questions About the Universe ( Listen as Daniel takes some pretty complex ideas about the universe and makes them interesting and understandable to everyone.

Your sense of touch is more powerful than you may have ever realized. What you touch and how it feels can actually change the way you think. Listen as I reveal some fascinating research about how this works.


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