Interesting Ways Lifestyle Affects Your Health & A Better Way to Understand Numbers


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If you haven’t got a New Year’s resolution to work on yet - I’ve got one for you - it’s tackling clutter! This episode begins with some thoughts about what clutter does to your mental health and how you can fix it.

There is something called “lifestyle medicine.” It is the idea that what you eat, how you exercise and generally how you live your life will affect your health - for better or worse. That likely comes as no surprise to you, but you probably think the effects are minimal. And you would be wrong. For decades Dr. Dean Ornish has been researching lifestyle medicine and found that small changes in how you live ( actually just 4 changes) can have a huge impact on your health and longevity and even reverse chronic illness. The research is impressive, and the results are compelling. Listen as he discusses how you can make these changes and quickly see real improvement. Dr. Ornish is author of the book UnDo It! : How Simple Lifestyle Changes Can Reverse Most Chronic Diseases ( Here is the link to his website for more info on his program:

Numbers are sometimes hard to grasp. For instance, 1 million seconds equals 12 days. So how long is 1 billion seconds? You will have to listen to this episode to find out but I bet your guess is way off! Since we use numbers every single day, it just might help to find ways to better understand and explain them as well as make them memorable. Joining me with some great insight into this is Chip Heath. Chip teaches at Stanford, has authored several books and his latest is Making Numbers Count ( Listen as Chip makes numbers come alive!

Just about every food has an expiration date or “sell by” date or “best if used by” date on it. But in some cases they can be very misleading. A lot of foods will last a long time past the “sell by” date. You may be throwing away food that is perfectly fine. Listen and I will give you foods you can likely hang on to a little longer.


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