SYSK Choice: DNA Demystified & Why Food Culture is So Popular


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Ever have a hard time finding your keys or wallet or glasses – or even where you left your car in a parking lot? Why is it so hard to keep track of them? This episode begins with an explanation and some advice to use the next time you can’t find one of those things.

Do you know what your DNA is? How does it work and how does it solve crimes? Your DNA is fascinating and if you’ve ever bought one of those DNA test kits, you know it can tell a lot about you and your ancestors. Joining me to explain this is Alan McHughen who is a scientist, educator, DNA expert and author of the book DNA Demystified (

Have you noticed that teenagers can easily sleep until noon – but the older you get the harder that is to do? Why? That’s one of the things I discuss about sleep and just how important it is to get enough sleep and how it can wreak havoc with your health if you don’t.

It seems as if food is more important today than it used to be. A lot of us spend a great deal of time and money eating certain foods, watching cooking shows on TV and going to trendy restaurants. Many people identifying themselves by the food they eat – or don’t eat ("I’m a vegetarian – I don’t eat meat!" ). Eve Turow-Paul has been researching the growing food culture around the world and she joins me with some really interesting insight. Eve is author of the book Hungry: Avocado Toast, Instagram Influencers, and Our Search for Connection and Meaning (


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