SYSK Choice: How to Avoid Stupid Mistakes & Successful New Year's Resolution Strategies


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We all know driving while distracted is a bad idea - particularly driving and texting. In fact, distracted driving is more complicated than you might imagine. This episode begins with some fascinating research that shows that there is a residual effect when you get distracted that can adversely affect your driving for a long time.

We’ve all made really stupid mistakes. What if I told you that you could make fewer of those mistakes from now on and make better decisions instead? Listen to Charlie Seraphin author of the book, One Stupid Mistake: Smart Decision-Making in a Crazy World ( He joins me to walk you through the process that will help you avoid mistakes, especially the big ones. Plus, he explains the importance of owning and learning from the mistakes you will inevitably make.

People love to watch reruns of old TV shows and re-watch old movies – but why? After all, you already know how it is going to end so why watch it again? Well there is an interesting reason why and it has to do with the same reason people like hearing the same songs over and over.

People have been making New Year’s resolutions for a long time and scientists have studied the process quite a bit over the years. What has become clear is that there are some strategies that can dramatically improve your chances of success. Keith McArthur has looked at the science and joins me to help you achieve your New Year's resolution or any other goal for that matter. Keith is author of a book called Winning Resolutions (


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