SYSK Choice: Little Known Benefits of Exercise & Why It’s Good to Talk to Strangers


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Why do some buildings have revolving doors? After all, they are sometimes heavy and hard to push, and a lot of people hate them. So where did they come from? There must be a purpose to them. Listen to hear a very surprising story.

If your 2022 New Year’s resolution involves exercising more, you really should listen to my guest Kelly McGonigal, research psychologist and lecturer at Stanford and author of the book, The Joy of Movement ( Kelly explains not only the long-term benefits of movement but the instant and satisfying benefits of moving your body even just a little - right now. You may find what she has to say surprising as it isn't the same old exercise advice you've heard a million times before.

Talking to strangers can be tedious. After all, what’s the point of having a 15 second conversation with someone in line at the supermarket who you will never see again? Perhaps that is not the way to look at it. Kio Stark has been seeking out strangers to talk to for a long time. She loves it. Kio is author of the book When Strangers Meet ( Listen to hear her explain why and what benefits you can get for investing in those brief conversations rather than avoiding them. You can see her TED talk here:

When a woman cries it can have a dramatic effect on a man. Not only because she is sad but also because of how her tears smell – seriously. This episode begins with an explanation of the connection between a woman’s tears and a man’s testosterone.


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