SYSK Choice: Spotting Lies to Get to the Truth & The Many Effects of Noise


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Just how accurate is Wikipedia? If you go to one of their articles, how likely is it to be correct and objective. This episode begins with some surprising facts about Wikipedia and its accuracy.

As you know, people lie. In fact, we all lie. Often the lies we tell are small and inconsequential – other times they are a big deal. Pamela Myer is a leading experts on lies and deception and she joins me to take us all on a journey into how deception works, how to identify it and how to get people to tell you the truth. Pamela Myer is author of the book Liespotting ( and you can watch her TED talk at

How many times have you seen a sign at the store that says “You Break It You Buy It.” Can a store actually enforce that? Accidents happen – so how can you be forced to pay for something just because it slipped out of your hand or because you walked by something just as it fell and broke? Listen and find out what the law says.

You may have noticed that the world is getting a lot louder. And all that noise is taking a toll on you – whether you realize it or not. Noise can take a toll on your physically and psychologically according to Mathias Basner, professor of psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania and an expert on how noise affects sleep and health.


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