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People often listen to music while they are working because they believe it helps concentrate and possibly makes them more productive. Does it? This episode begins by exploring which, if any kind of music can help your concentration and productivity.

Are you suggestible? Could you be hypnotized into believing something that isn’t really true? What about placebos? If I tell you a sugar pill will cure your headache, will your headache go away? It’s fascinating to think that the human brain can be fooled into thinking and doing things. Erik Vance is a science writer who has explored why it seems your brain is so suggestible – even if you believe it isn’t. He is the author of the National Geographic book, Suggestible You: The Curious Science of Your Brain’s Ability to Deceive, Transform, and Heal ( and he joins me to shed light on this interesting phenomenon of the human brain and what it means.

You know when you go to drug store and right next to the name brand lotion or shampoo or pain reliever is the store brand in a bottle that looks kind of like the name brand but a lot cheaper? So is it the same as the name brand? Listen to discover the answer. (Shopsmart magazine 12/2014 issue)

If you are sick and you go to the doctor, you expect the doctor will treat you somehow. He’ll give you medicine or something. And the doctor knows you expect him or her to do something – so you walk out with a prescription. But there is a flaw in that process that is leading to a lot of patient overtreatment. Norway neurosurgeon Christer Mjåset has explored this problem and has come up with 4 questions to ask your doctor went he prescribes a medication or medical test. Hear what they are and discover why this is so important. Dr. Mjåset did a TED talk on this which you can see here:


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