[242] KeyLIME Classic LIVE at the ICRE 2019 (part 2)


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Episode length - 22:04 This episode was recorded live at the ICRE 2019 in Ottawa. Another 3 classic papers are reviewed by Dr.s Linda Snell, Jonathan Sherbino and Jason Frank. Do they fit your definition of Classic? 00:50 Jason's classic choice. Choudry et. al., Systematic Review: The relationship between clinical experience and quality of health care. Ann Intern Med. 2005 Feb 15;142(4):260-73. 8:25 Jon's choice Eva et. al., The Ability of the Multiple Mini-Interview to Predict Preclerkship Performance in Medical School Acad Med. 2004 Oct;79(10 Suppl):S40-2. 13:50 Linda's choice. Irby. What clinical teachers in medicine need to know. Acad Med. 1994 May;69(5):333-42. Voting for the 3 papers 20:50 * There are no abstracts for this episode.

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