[243] KeyLIME Classic LIVE at the ICRE 2019 (part 3)


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Episode length 26:41

This is the last episode recorded live at the ICRE 2019 in Ottawa. Three classic papers are reviewed by Dr.s Linda Snell, Jonathan Sherbino and Jason Frank.

Do they fit your definition of Classic?

  1. 00:55 Hafferty. Beyond Curriculum Reform: Confronting Medicine's Hidden Curriculum. Acad Med. 1998 Apr;73(4):403-7.
  2. 8:40 Barsuk et. al., Long-Term Retention of Central Venous Catherter Insertion Skills After Simulation-Based Mastery Learning. Acad Med. 2010 Oct;85(10 Suppl):S9-12.
  3. 13:55 Tamblyn et. al., Association Between Licensing Examination Scores and Resource Use and Quality of Care in Primary Care Practice. JAMA. 1998 Sep 16;280(11):989-96.

Audience participation

22:01 KeyLIMEr from Mexico

23:38 KeyLIMEr from Texas

25:20 "The poor of Habits" (book) recommended

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