351: Accessibility Gut Checks


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This week, we share some accessibility gut checks that designers should think through before moving into high fidelity mocks. We also talk about industrial design and video game hardware in this week's Sidebar, plus we share our cool things as always!

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In this week's Sidebar, we talk about video game console design, how controllers have changed, the evolution of gameplay sensors, and our hot takes on which console we are likely to buy.


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Cool Things:

  • Brian shared Children of Time, a fun (but long) world-building sci-fi story. Marshall also read this, and we both love it. The sequel, Children of Ruin is on deck.
  • Marshall shared an interview with the Dwarf Fortress creator with a very fun bug hunting story.
    • Kruggsmash is a video creator who creates adventures within Dwarf Fortress' infinite worlds.

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