China's Internal and Regional Politics - Susan Shirk & Stapleton Roy


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Two of the most influential China Hands, Professor Susan Shirk and Ambassador J. Stapleton Roy, discuss the current state of Chinese politics, the South China Sea, and US foreign policy toward China.

Susan Shirk is the esteemed chair of the 21st Century China Program, and former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State.

Ambassador J. Stapleton Roy is one of the most respected diplomatic experts on East Asia. He retired after a 45 year career in the US Department of State as Career Ambassador, the highest rank in the Foreign Service. He was a three-time ambassador who served as the top U.S. envoy in Singapore, China, and Indonesia. Ambassador Roy is also the Founding Director Emeritus of the Kissinger Institute on China and the U.S. at the Wilson Center.

Ambassador Roy delivered the 2016 Ellsworth Memorial Lecture at UC San Diego on March 28. Full text, photos and additional interviews can be found at

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This episode was recorded at UC San Diego Studio Ten300

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