Trump & China: Bipartisan Policy Recommendations - Susan Shirk and Winston Lord


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Two China policy veterans: Prof. Susan Shirk and Amb. Winston Lord are members of a high-level bipartisan task force that launched a report on US Policy Toward China, with detailed policy recommendations for the Trump administration. They offer an overview of the comprehensive list of issues covered in the report, and discuss the priorities that 45th President must address in his first year, such as the North Korean nuclear threat, climate change leadership, Asia Pacific alliances, and trade and civil society reciprocity.

The task force comprises a group of 20 prominent China specialists that include policymakers, scholars, and trade representatives, many of whom served under both political parties and every U.S. president since Nixon. Watch the panel discussion with task force co-chair Orville Schell of Asia Society and read the full report on

This episode was recorded at UC San Diego Studio Ten300

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