Denise O'Brien: Amplifying Women’s Voices in Communities, on Farms & in Legislature


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Seasoned farmer, community volunteer, and founder of the Women, Food and Agriculture Network, Denise O’Brien, talks about how she and her husband have experienced positive and negative shifts around the idea of organic food—and agriculture in general—over the last forty years. She also talks about what led her to be among the many women running for public office in her home state of Iowa, and across the country, in the upcoming 2018 midterm elections.

Tune in to hear about…

  • How Denise and her husband have created a “bio-diverse oasis in a sea of industrial agribusiness”
  • What prompted Denise to run for public office, and what the campaign trail has been like for her
  • How she thinks things might be different if women had more decision-making power over the land they farm (and what Denise is doing to make that happen)
  • How Denise turned her own frustration and despair into action—and you can too!

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