Rice: The New Frontier of Sustainable Ag


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On this episode…

Co-founder and CEO of Lotus Foods, Ken Lee, talks about the winding journey (literally, time spent traveling through China) that brought him and his partner, Carol, to the creation of Lotus Foods and why he says that “rice is the best thing we could have stumbled on.”

Tune in to hear about…

  • His best advice for people hoping to change the world in small—and big—ways.
  • The System of Rice Intensification and why it could be a global game-changer—if only farmers are willing to try it. (Think 50% less water required, 90% fewer seeds used, no agrichemicals necessary… are you curious yet? And no, it’s not too good to be true.)
  • What percentage of the world receives more than half of their calories from rice.
  • The feminization of agriculture—why it’s oppressive in the rice industry and how we can flip it to be empowering.
  • How Lotus Foods’ Do the Rice Thing and More Crop Per Drop initiatives feed into what they call their “audacious goal” to change how rice is grown on the planet

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