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Were the vaping deaths caused by government? Get the latest here. What's in the News with stories on kid given concussion by school administrator, house stolen over 8 bucks, the town with no cops, bad cop re-hired, government killing an innocent man, and a Julian Assange update. Finally, an Ask Me Anything where I answer your questions on the college admissions scandal, the alternate history genre, waking up, and F***, Marry, Kill, Trump - Obama - Pelosi.

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In its infinite wisdom, as we've talked about on this show, the government, specifically the FDA, is working on banning flavored vapes because of some disease that has spread up around vaping. OIh, and of course, they are doing it for the children.

But, as we've talked about, it was highly likely that the vapes in questions that were causing deaths and diseases were for sure black market THC vapes, and not white market nicotine vapes.


In indoctrination centers news, a Vilonia, Arkansas family wants answers after seeing video of an assistant principal yanking their son off the school bus and hitting the boy’s head on the roof.

In what the actual f*** news, a Michigan man underpaid his property taxes by $8.41, so the county stole his property, sold it, and kept 100% of the profits.

In bad boys news, Ridgetop, Tenessee Police Chief Bryan Morris submitted his resignation on Friday. The Tennessee city is now without a police force and it's all due to a disagreement over illegal ticket quotas.

In more bad boys news, Jeff Payne, the former Salt Lake City police officer who handcuffed nurse Alex Wubbels, has been hired to work at the Weber County jail, a human resources employee confirmed Wednesday. If you recall, Nurse Wubbels was protecting her patient from an unlawful blood draw by the cop at the time.

In legal murder news, new DNA evidence has come to light that will likely exonerate a Texas death row inmate, but the government won't test it.

In heroes news, the treatment of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who is facing the threat of extradition from Britain to the US on espionage charges, is putting his life "at risk", an independent UN rights expert said Friday.


I answer your questions on the college admissions scandal, the alternate history genre, waking up, and F***, Marry, Kill, Trump - Obama - Pelosi.

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