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I first met Kristoffer Carer nearly a decade ago when he raised his hand to participate in the inaugural Good Life Project immersion. It was a yearlong deep dive into work and life that we ran for about 5 years. Kristoffer or KC as most people call him, was running fast. I wasn’t sure if he was running toward something as much as he was running from it. In the end, like most of us, it was probably both. A married dad of three living in Ohio and working at a Chicago ad-tech startup after exiting life as a touring musician, he stumbled upon a book that would change the direction of his life. Our lives intersected just as that existential reimagining was shifting into high gear. There was this moment during our first weekend together, 15 strangers who’d become fast family in an industrial space in downtown Manhattan. I caught him out of the corner of my eye, sitting cross-legged against a 100-year-old wall of leaded windows, the light pouring in behind him. Hands laying open over his knees as he sat in meditation. It was a moment of powerful foreshadowing.

In the ensuing years, KC would become an initiate of Yogananda’s Self Realization Fellowship, a Kriyaban yogi meditating hours a day. He’d find himself exiting his career to carve his own path, bridging the worlds of spirituality and business as an executive coach, founder of This Epic Life consultancy, and someone who remains fiercely devoted to bringing all parts of himself - the deeply spiritual yogi, the bouncing-off-the-walls kid and musician, the wise mentor, husband, and dad - to everything he does. In his words, full life integration. And along the way, he developed his own philosophy he calls the four permissions, which also happens to be the focus of KC’s new book, Permission to Glow: A Spiritual Guide to Epic Leadership.

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