Tools and Tips for Better Sleep

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In this episode of the podcast, I focus on a topic that has been a lifelong personal struggle: sleep.

I’ve found that if you prioritize sleep — and recovery, in general — it magnifies everything else in your life, from your emotional health to physical training. To help you take better care of your mind and body, I’ve gathered some of the best advice from multiple guests about rest and regeneration.

This episode includes tips and recommendations from:

  • Strength coach Charles Poliquin
  • Obstacle course racer Amelia Boone
  • Comedian Mike Birbiglia
  • Dr. Peter Attia



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Selected Links from the Episode

  • Connect with Charles Poliquin: | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | YouTube

  • Connect with Amelia Boone:

Website | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

  • Connect with Mike Birbiglia:

Website | Twitter | Facebook

  • Connect with Peter Attia:

The Eating Academy | Twitter

Show Notes

  • My struggles with insomnia and techniques that have helped. [06:03]
  • Charles Poliquin talks about supplements and routines he uses for improving sleep. [10:18]
  • Amelia Boone pushes her body to the absolute limits. Here’s how she makes the most of her downtime with rest, routine, and nutrition. [19:01]
  • Mike Birbiglia’s nightly rituals, and how he deals with his own serious sleepwalking disorder. [34:47]
  • What endurance athlete and researcher Dr. Peter Attia knows about the science of recovery, metabolic syndrome, and synthetic ketones. [42:44]

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