40. Genille Cave-Browne-Cave: The most interesting man who ever lived


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In this episode of Yesterday's Chip Paper, join Violet and Jim and hear the story of the Bronco Bustin' Baronet, AKA Sir Genille Cave-Browne-Cave, a man who did every possible job on earth, fought in every nearest convenient war and survived things that should have killed a moose. Plus, a letter about an organ plague and a poem describing the worst train journey in history.

Yesterday's Chip Paper is a fortnightly(ish) podcast that looks at true stories found in historic newspapers from across the world. With hundreds of years of history at their fingertips, the only real limit to the stories that are told is that they have to have happened - or, at least, been reported. Whether it's true crime, mass hysteria or unusual reporting of famous events, it's always guaranteed to be downright bonkers.

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