Basic Grammar English Students Should Know Ep 280


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Today we will go back to some basic grammar. English language learners really struggle with English grammar, mostly because English breaks its own grammar rules in special cases. You often find that a rule applies 80% of the time and then for just 20% of the time special cases apply and the rule is different. It’s frustrating to have to learn, and it results in grammar mistakes. ✔️[THIS WEEKS LINK] ✔️Last Article: ✔️Article Group: Boring Grammar, English Language Rules You Will Eventually Break Grammar, English grammar especially, is usually boring and just hard work. So discovering that you can acquire grammar just by listening to native English speakers is often a surprise to new listeners of our English audio podcasts. There is a big difference when we use the word ‘acquire’ vs ‘learn’ acquire is a process much more similar to the way you learned your first language as a child. A time when you were so young, before you could even read or write a language you were happily learning a language through listening. A final point on learning just about anything. Plan your learning around making mistakes. Sometimes we are our own worst critic and sometimes we listen to criticism when we should just ignore it. We should all accept that nobody is perfect. In your journey learning to speak English you will make a mistake, so why punish yourself for it. It’s better to recognise the mistake you’ve made and learn from it. If you need to understand more about our teaching technique, then listen to this podcast which explains how to get the best out of our podcasts. Or sign up for our FREE 7 rules of Adept English video course here We provide over 250+ FREE English language conversation and video lessons to help you learn the English language. If you do not like this one then you can visit this page to choose from 100's of English lessons with lots of different topics . So why not learn English the easy and FREE way? We try to make ourselves as accessible to everyone who wants to learn to speak English fluently. You can find us on these popular social media sites: ✭ Facebook: ✭ Twitter: ✭ YouTube: We are also on these popular streaming services: ✪ Spotify: ✪ iTunes: ✪ Tunein: ✪ Stitcher: ✪ Podbean: If you like what we do please visit our website for lots more language learning help.

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