Get Phrasal Verbs Much More Than A List Of Prepositions Ep 282


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Why, oh why, do English speakers make simple vocabulary so much more difficult to learn than it needs to be? At some point someone decided that taking some prepositions and verbs, that mean one thing on their own would be a good idea to mean something different when you put them together in a short phrase. Lets talk about get phrasal verbs. ✔Get The Full Article: ✔️Checkout The Last Article: ✔️Article Category: A List Of Prepositions It’s like an ‘[inside joke]’, only people who have had the details explained to them get to understand. So today we have a lesson on get phrasal verbs, where we take time to explain what they mean, and how you might use them in everyday conversations. Rather than give you a long list of get phrasal verbs, and ask you to read them, and you might well understand the individual words. However, you might not understand their meaning when used in regular English conversation. For example, get and into. “Get” means to come to have (something); receive. And “into” means to move inside (a container). Now put “Get into” into a typical English conversation and you will find it being used to describe someone who is enjoying music. Logically a person cannot climb into some music, so there is a meaning here that is understood by English speakers that if it is not explained to you with examples, you just won’t understand by just reading the words written down. If you need to understand more about our teaching technique, then listen to this podcast which explains how to get the best out of our podcasts. Or sign up for our FREE 7 rules of Adept English video course here We provide over 250+ FREE English language conversation and video lessons to help you learn the English language. If you do not like this one then you can visit this page to choose from 100's of English lessons with lots of different topics . So why not learn English the easy and FREE way? We try to make ourselves as accessible to everyone who wants to learn to speak English fluently. You can find us on these popular social media sites: ✭ Facebook: ✭ Twitter: ✭ YouTube: We are also on these popular streaming services: ✪ Spotify: ✪ iTunes: ✪ Tunein: ✪ Stitcher: ✪ Podbean: If you like what we do please visit our website for lots more language learning help.

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