Bonus Episode: Bovo-Buch I - Story and Society


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Bovo-Buch: Chivalric Romance, Cultural Collision is a four-episode podcast series produced by theatre dybbuk, presented in collaboration with Judaism Unbound.

Bovo-Buch is Elia Levita's 16th century Yiddish adaptation of the popular Italian chivalric romance Bovo d’Antona. The book was extremely popular among Jewish communities of the time, and is an example of the cultural convergence that occurs when a narrative is adapted into a new context. Our three episode podcast is a combination of scholarship around the book and its history – led by Erith Jaffe-Berg in conversation with Aaron Henne – and performed readings of the text by actors from theatre dybbuk.

In this episode, the 2nd of four, the focus is on the content of the book itself and the context within which it was created, illuminating the cultural forces at work in both the story and the society. The remaining two episodes in this series will be released on consecutive days: September 22nd and 23rd.

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