212: Ask Buck Part 1


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Ever since this COVID-19 thing started, it seems like there is no other news. Maybe what that tells us is that most of the news we ordinarily get on a daily basis is worthless.

But seriously, doesn’t it seem like the world has just frozen into a COVID-19 coma? My ER doc friends joke that everyone stopped having heart attacks and strokes since this pandemic started.

As a podcaster, I realize that it is very difficult to not talk about the viral elephant in the room, but it gets old doesn’t it?

Anyway, the virus hit us just as we were doing our 200th episode. At that time, we were going to do a couple of special “Ask Buck” shows but we only got a few of the questions answered.

These shows tend to be well received so, if you are one of those people who enjoys hearing my opinion, you are going to love the next few weeks as I get through all of these questions—some of them are pretty old!

So, if you want to hear my opinion on investing, taxes and, of course, the pandemic, make sure you listen to the first in a series of “Ask Buck” episodes HERE!

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