QB Carousel & Freezing Cold Takes from the 2017 Draft


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Dave Dameshek is joined by Handsome Hank in Studio 66 to get into the 2020 off-season quarterback carousel! First, Shek asks Hank about his Miami Dolphins and which quarterback he's leaning towards in the draft (2:30). Next, Matt "Money" Smith Skypes in to address him being put on Freezing Cold Takes for saying on a DDFP in 2017 that the Chiefs shouldn't have drafted Patrick Mahomes (14:08). After Money leaves, Shek and Hank talk about Cam Newton, Phil Rivers and potentially Matt Stafford changing teams in 2020 (31:23). The guys round out the show with some voicemails from Kent Brown's mom (46:34) and give their thoughts on the teams changing up their uniforms for next season (54:00).

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