Brianna Battles: Pregnancy and Postpartum Athleticism


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Brianna Battles is a woman's strength and conditioning coach based out of California, who specializes in coaching pregnant and postpartum athletes, as well as educating coaches on how to help athletes navigate the physical and mental considerations of athleticism during these chapters in a woman’s life.

Kathryn and Brianna dig into all things pregnancy and postpartum, the unique and perpetually changing bodies of women and how this relates to athletics, human functionality, and performance. Brianna is a long time mover, trainer and kinesiologist who, as a well educated coach and movement professional, found herself in uncharted territory with conditions and limitations following the birth of her first child. We learn about her journey with healing her own body and unpacking her own experiences as she explored and uncovered information that wasn't readily available (even 5 years ago) with regards to diastasis recti, pelvic health functionality and more, which led to her present work supporting and advocating for women and their individual needs and goals during these vulnerable times. Brianna definitely does not equate vulnerability with weakness and always works with the whole woman. She shares her philosophies on "listening to our bodies," and how this isn't always inherently possible or reliable, yet how important it is to develop and exercise one's awareness in body, mind, breath, and movement tendency. The pair address the topics of incontinence, oft "normalized" or ignored entirely; breathing; creativity in movement strategies; and the value of communicating effectively risk versus reward scenarios to set people up for success not only in pregnancy but in postpartum and beyond. This episode is a must listen for coaches and trainers who work closely with women, and for all women everywhere.

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