Elke Schroeder: One Animal Movement


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Elke Schroeder is a Toronto based movement teacher, who has been studying life in motion since a young age. From judo to many forms of dance to yoga to Fighting Monkey Practice, Elke now practices and guides an embodied movement practice inspired by the parts that make the whole.

Kathryn and Elke have known each other through Toronto yoga/movement communities for close to a decade, and this heartening and fluid conversation reflects that. Elke shares her story of dance, movement and injury and how that led to exploring yoga and mindfulness. We learn what presently influences her art, and how and why that has led to the work she does supporting movers from various disciplines and walks of life in task based versus aesthetic based movement; using vocabulary and foundational philosophies that are accessible to anyone. They talk about dance, the importance of rhythm and why so many of us feel vulnerable in this capacity. Elke relates parter work to personal practice and both she and Kathryn share thoughts on adjustments in the yoga practice, power dynamics in student/teacher and student/student relationships, and the responsibility of being present and positive with whomever is on the other side. We love Elke's eloquence in communicating how inclusive and life long movement habits and practices speak to our perpetual evolution and adaptability; we hope you do to.

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