Steph Douglas On Looking After Yourself As A New Mum


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When you’re a new mum, you get all sorts of advice thrown at you – sleep when the baby sleeps is one of the popular ones, and I remember thinking ‘yeah right! There’s far too much to do, for me to sleep all the time!’ But my guest on this episode of the podcast is a huge advocate of ‘pulling up the drawbridge’, having as many naps as you can and properly looking after yourself in those first weeks and months after having a baby.

Steph Douglas is a mum of three and founder of thoughtful gift company Don’t Buy Her Flowers. Steph had her third baby in late 2017 and spent a whole week in bed and then another week on the sofa. Even now, four months on, she takes naps when she can and she knows she is happier – and a better mum – for doing it.

We chat about all of this on this episode, plus Steph talks about how she started her business and how she juggles the crazy world of social media. Check out Steph on Instagram to follow her busy (but nap filled!) life.

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