Candice Brathwaite on Motherhood and Diversity


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"Where are all the black mothers on Instagram?" was a question asked by my guest on this episode - mum of two, Candice Brathwaite. The blogger and presenter was fed up of seeing such a narrow, white, middle-class version of motherhood all across the media and along with Nicola Washington and Sarah Gregory, launched the Make Motherhood Diverse campaign.

I could have talked to Candice all day about the lack of diversity when it comes to brands and media representing motherhood - in our chat we cover why Candice thinks the problem exists, who is making an effort to show more diversity, how more change can happen and who we should all be following on Instagram.

You can follow Candice on Instagram, check out the Make Motherhood Diverse site and if you want to read the blog post by Mel Wiggins that I mention in our chat, you can do that here.

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