Molly Forbes on Body Confidence and Motherhood


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Body confidence is something that gets talked about a lot. "Love your body" people cry! But it's not always that easy. And it's not like there's one issue or problem that everyone with low body confidence has, that can be 'fixed' with a few quick confidence tips or hacks. I've met people who hate their tummy, their upper arms, their bum, I know people who are a size 8 but hate their boobs, or who have a skin condition and hate wearing clothes that show it - I'm sure you could name people who feel like this too. Maybe you feel like this.

My guest on the podcast this week says it's a wonder any of us feel OK about our bodies when we are bombarded by unrealistic images of bodies in the media, and on social media, every day. Molly Forbes is a broadcaster, co-host of podcast Body Cons and currently she's a host on Channel 4 programme Naked Beach, which sees her help different people deal with their body hang ups in each episode. Molly's also a mum of two and talks to me about how she talks to her kids about bodies in the hope that they grow up to love theirs.

Molly says there's no right or wrong way to feel about your body, and that coming to terms with it and starting to like it and love it is a process.

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