Furness H1 - AAF folds: Everybody loses / Joel Corry's insight into the Russell Wilson negotiations / Something Good: Ken Griffey Jr.


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The Mariners win again last night, and they didn't even have to score 3572 runs to do so. Marco almost pitched a complete game. It's been eight games and the team still keeps winning. Is it okay to get excited about this team yet? The AAF folded earlier this week, and despite all the jokes, this is bad news for everyone. It's obviously bad news for the players, the owners, the ones who collected checks from the league, but it's also a missed opportunity for NFL teams who are always looking for the next talented player. It's too bad the league didn't have their connection with the NFL better established because the league could have been a decent developmental option. The XFL will probably suffer the same fate unless they find a way to work with the NFL, and that's not going to happen. Russell Wilson and the Seahawks continue trying to work out the next big contract. Former agent Joel Corry, now with CBS Sports, gives us insight into what both sides are thinking. Russ obviously wants as much money as possible, but he also cares about winning, and about his public image. Those two things will impact the negotiations. On Something Good: It wasn't a joke; the Oakland A's did a whole bunch of nice things for fans on April Fool's Day. Today is also the 30th anniversary of Ken Griffey Jr's debut in the MLB.

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