Furness H1 - Getting it righ tshould be the #1 priority / Kerry Eggers on the Blazers / Dan Hayes talks Twins / Something Good


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The San Jose Sharks might be the luckiest team in professional sports, and yet again they win a game against the Blues on a call that wasn't made. We've seen plenty of examples of missed calls recently. We should be making every effort ot get these calls right, but keep falling short. The Blazers lost to the Warriors in Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals. They'll try to come back tonight. Kerry Eggers of the Portland Tribune sets up the game for us. The Mariners are back on the field tonight facing the red hot Minnesota Twins. Are fans in Minnesota surprised by the team's success this season? We find out from The Athletic's Dan Hayes. Every day at 1:50 it's Something Good, a positive story to brighten your day in a world of constant negativity.

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