Furness H1 - Ian on the pulpit / Corey Brock on the first week of M's baseball / Something Good: Augusta, Bruce Bochy


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Ian is on his pulpit today, preaching to the Russell Wilson detractors who are okay with letting him walk. You simply don't get a guy that leads your team on the field like Wilson every year, and even less often will you find a guy who is a leader off the field. You won't get that with extra draft picks. If you really want to see Russ go, just shut the hell up. The M's are in Chicago this weekend after a fantastic first full week of the season. The Athletic's Corey Brock gives us insight into the team's performance. How much better is this offense than the offense of 2018? Will this defense tighten up? Who in the bullpen is going to step up? On Something Good, Augusta National holds the Women's Amateur Tournament this weekend, just seven years removed from not allowing women in at all, and Giants manager Bruce Bochy is introduced in his last home opener before retirement.

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