Furness H1 - Terry Blount fills in / A great day for Seattle / Nick Saban & the transfer penalty / Shouldn't be that easy / Save the whales


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Through the magic of technology, Terry Blount fills in for Ian from San Diego. Yesterday, Seattle's NHL franchise took a giant step forward by announcing Ron Francis as its first GM. He's a Hall of Famer with a great track record and the clear willingness to put in the effort to win. He's the right hire for this team. It's a good day in Seattle with many more to come with this team. Nick Saban isn't a big fan of kids being able to transfer without a penalty. That's interesting. One wonders if he feels the same way when coaches leave their players high and dry to take another gig. Maybe he supports coaches giving back a year of their salary when they take off in the middle of acontract. In reality, he almost certainly feels that coaches deserve a different standard. Golfers are hitting well under par, and Terry isn't happy about it. It shouldn't be that easy. On Something Good, people swim out in shark-infested waters to try to steer whales back out ot sea. All but three were saved.

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